The Earth is not dying, is it being killed.  You see it every day, everywhere you look, and you can’t just sit back and watch it.  Direct action is vital to stopping environmental destruction and confronting corporate control.  Direct action is taking personal action to directly improve your life, taking personal responsibility and living deliberately.  Think of direct action as self-defense, defending yourself and the Earth against the forces that are destroying nature and wilderness. Remember, you are a powerful individual.

For Members of the Church of Deep Ecology, Direct Action is a form of worship. Whether you are blocking a bulldozer, pulling up GMO crops, teaching organic gardening to kids, or biking rather than driving, you need to fill your days and your nights with direct action. Direct action to save the Earth is deliberately working toward a vision of species in balance on a healthy living eco-shere.

Learn to gather your own food.  Walk to work, Eat Local, low on the food chain. organic food Turn off the lights,  Read by candles you created. Plant a fruit tree, Barter instead of buy.  Know the edible plants in your area, know what is rare and threatened, fight to protect and propagate it. Wake up with the sun,. Sleep when you are tired, Meet your neighbors, Turn off the computer or phone and find your favorite wild place, share it with new friends.  Have a fire at the full moon and plan your next protest or action. Share your knowledge often, shut up and learn more often.  Share food.  Plan on winning. Recognize your privileges and use them to fight the system that gave you more based on birth or situation.  Watch the birds, the insects, the trees, learn from them. Here is the most important part of taking ACTION.  It is not just one thing, changing one light bulb is not enough. Get out there, and make change happen.

“Sentiment without action is the ruin of the Soul” Edward Abbey