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Services We Offer


Jail/Prison Support

We support and wish to become a resource for Prisoners in need. From Trans-prisoners seeking state recognition of their self, to Vegan prisoners who’s ethical and spiritual beliefs are trampled on by the state, we are here to assist you.

Defending the Environment

From simply listening to activists to front line support. We are ingaged in all aspects of the fight to defend nature


In this Modern paradigm we, as part of nature, must fight for natures right to exist.


While the Church of Deep Ecology does not preach of a need to have various relationships validated by the church, we do officiant weddings, hand-fastings and commitment ceremonies which are legally recognized by the state of New York We are a Pro-LGBTQ Anti-racist non-denominational Church that is not interested in judging you for who you are or who you love.

Death Rites

Though we celebrate life, we also acknowledge the cycles of existence as well. When the time comes, we can assist you and your family in end of life needs.

More To Come

We do not claim to know of all the struggles you face, as our capacity grows we will be adding more to this page .